Drug Discov Ther. 2008;2(4):200-210.

Spermicidal agents.

Shah HC, Tatke P, Singh KK


In recent years, there is a development of vaginal contraceptives incorporating potent spermicides. Many compounds with different pharmacological activity have been evaluated in vitro for their spermicidal activity. Drugs such as surfaceactive agents (synthetic and natural), ionophores, antiliquefying agents, antimicrobial agents and miscellaneous agents such as gossypol, Azadirachta indica, vanadocenes have all been demonstrated to possess good spermicidal activity. Nonoxynol is the only spermicidal agent currently marketed and widely used. But there is still a need to develop alternative compounds for future use as safe spermicide.

KEYWORDS: Spermicidal agents, Nonoxynol, Neem, Plants with spermicidal activity, Antifertility agents

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