Drug Discov Ther. 2021;15(3):124-129. (DOI: 10.5582/ddt.2021.01052)

Antimicrobial resistance and COVID-19 syndemic: Impact on public health

Vidyarthi AJ, Das A, Chaudhry R


The COVID -19 pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the global economy and the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, the scientific community still hasn't discovered a definite cure for this virus. Also, owing to the unscrupulous use of antibiotics in wake of the current situation, another ongoing pandemic of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been entirely eclipsed. However, increased compliance to infection control measures like hand hygiene (both at hospital and community level), and restricted travel might be favorable. It is evident that the AMR strategies will be impacted disproportionately varying with the respective policies followed by the countries and hospitals to deal with the pandemic. The vaccination drive initiated globally has provided a glimmer of hope. In this article, the possible reciprocity between the two contemporaneous pandemics has been addressed. The world needs to be vigilant to punctuate the symphony between these lethal threats to global health. The restraint to combat against AMR will be boosted as our discernment of the problem also changes with the epidemiological interplay becoming more apparent in near future.

KEYWORDS: COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), MDR, pandemic

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