Drug Discov Ther. 2009;3(5):193-199.

Intellectual property strategies for university spinoffs in the development of new drugs.

Sekimizu N, Ogata Y


We will explain a new business model for university spinoffs involving the development of two types of products. The first are highly innovative, such as new drugs, while the second are typically less difficult to develop, such as functional foods. It is our belief that development of the second type of product can help solve the financial problems and stabilize management of Academic Start-ups. The key to development of several different types of products is accumulation of knowledge consisting not only of technical knowhow, e.g. tips for use in injection, but also ideas obtained by researchers with the potential for future applications. Examination of the features of venture enterprises which have arisen from universities suggests that inventors, who are also professors, should participate in such start-ups.

KEYWORDS: University spinoff, new drug, financial problem, second product

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