Drug Discov Ther. 2013;7(6):225-232. (DOI: 10.5582/ddt.2013.v7.6.225)

The connotation of the Quantum Traditional Chinese Medicine and the exploration of its experimental technology system for diagnosis.

Zhao XL, Han JX


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed based on ancient Chinese philosophy. Its characteristics include abstract theories, fuzzy concepts, subjective diagnostic methods and it lacks clarity, and rigor as well as vindication from modern sciences, which makes development of TCM remain stagnant. Thus, how to free the theory of TCM from heavy philosophy to achieve separation of medicine and philosophy, and to use the contemporary cutting-edge science and technology to transform the theory of TCM and then to achieve its scientific paradigm shift, is a way for TCM to get out of the woods. This article, focusing on the problems existing in the development of the modernization of TCM, introduces the concept, the connotation as well as the important role of Quantum TCM in the modernization of TCM. Additionally, based on the view that the body's electromagnetic radiation can characterize the human "Qi" in TCM, we discuss several experimental technology systems for the diagnosis of Quantum TCM in detail. By analyzing and comparing these technology systems, we come to the conclusion that the biophoton analytical technology (BPAT) is more worthy of further study in building the experimental technology system for the diagnosis of Quantum TCM

KEYWORDS: TCM, Quantum TCM, experimental technology system, biophoton detection system, superconducting quantum interferometer device (SQUID), infrared thermal imager

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