Drug Discov Ther. 2008;2(1):2-4.

Dynamic of modernizing traditional Chinese medicine and the standards system for its development.

Gai RY, Xu HL, Qu XJ, Wang FS, Lou HX, Han JX, Nakata M, Kokudo N, Sugawara Y, Kuroiwa C, Tang W


This article reviewed the process of Traditional Chinese Medicine's modernization on a global scale. This process is motivated by the potential need for traditional medicine as a result of health transitions and increasing drug R&D based on know-how from TCM. The established standards system for modern medicine serves as a basic model yet has limitations in terms of comprehensively evaluating TCM. Spurred by policy committments, research to provide supplements suited to TCM's features and principles is underway. Advanced and interdisciplinary technology and methodology is expected to play an essential role in TCM development.

KEYWORDS: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Standards system, Drug development

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